My thoughts… This book is narrated from a dual point of view in two different sections. […]
I have decided that Penguins are my new favourite animal and in order to achieve this photo Mr Tea Leaves and Reads had to go into the loft in sub-zero temperatures and find my Penguin... it was worth it! So enough about the props and more about the book... here goes!
My thoughts… There’s an element of many great fantasy writers in this book – but Fi […]
My thoughts… This was such a heart-warming book! Yes there were traumas but there was also […]
My thoughts… I listened to this as an audiobook – and it regularly set of my […]
My thoughts… This was a really beautiful book to read! I absolutely loved it. Everything from […]
My thoughts… Amanda’s books are feel good and wholesome. They are easy to read but intricate […]
My thoughts… This was a really great book! I was surprised as I thought it had […]
My thoughts… Having finished book one, Eve of Man, I quickly moved on to book two […]
My thoughts… I’m late to the ‘Eve’ party but gosh am I glad that I picked […]