My only complaint is that this book ended! I could have read chapters and chapters more […]
I really enjoyed this from the moment it started right up until the end. This book […]
Nostalgic for childhood reading – picking this up again in celebration of the brand new re-issue […]
I was equal parts disgusted, horrified, shocked and in awe throughout the reading of this book. […]
Short story collections written by multiple Authors can be hit or miss – in this case, […]
Meet me at the Surface is an astonishing debut novel that will wrap you up, suck […]
This book is truly beautiful and Becky Hunter has the most magical way with words, characterisation […]
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‘My name is Finn, as in Huckleberry, and there is nothing wrong with me. I know […]
There is A LOT going on in this book and I absolutely loved it. The pace, […]