Gillian Harvey is one of my ‘go to’ Authors for varied and relatable characters, beautiful settings, […]
‘My name is Finn, as in Huckleberry, and there is nothing wrong with me. I know […]
There is A LOT going on in this book and I absolutely loved it. The pace, […]
When you read a Milly Johnson book, all becomes right with the world, worries fade away, […]
From the moment we prepared to launch Tea Leaves & Reads as an online bookshop, we […]
“ Maurice knew he wanted to marry her…… but there was a problem, he would have […]
Joining the ranks of Gillian Flynn, A. J. Finn, and Alex Michaelides, Matthew Blake delivers the […]
I absolutely adore books where there are more than just ‘human’ characters. And in Return to […]
Every book that Kimi Cunningham Grant has written captures then essence of the setting that it […]
Through December I worked my way through this beautifully curated anthology featuring both fiction and non-fiction […]