My only complaint is that this book ended! I could have read chapters and chapters more of Loretta’s life and happenings. It is both heart-breaking and heart-warming all at the same time. Moments that are so emotional and poignant whipped around within a few pages to the most humorous of anecdotes.

Nicola’s books are always written extremely well, her debut was published in 2020 and I will never forget how powerfully well written it was. She has a degree of emotional intelligence in her words that just ‘gets’ it. You will find more than a small part of yourself in most of her characters, and I just love that. The perfect amount social awkwardness, unpredictable moments, sadness and joy filled the chapters of this book.

If you’re looking for a character driven novel that doesn’t shy away from the reality of being human, of trying to fit in and of the pressure of societal norms, peppered with emotion, humour, touch of romance and an underlying air of mystery, then this is absolutely the book for you. It has everything and just that little bit more too.

About the Book

Swimming for Beginners will show you how a child can open your heart even if you aren’t a mother.

Loretta has her life under control. She’s chasing a big promotion, she’s marrying the “perfect man” and she has a flawless five-year plan.

This plan does not include children.

But when a complete stranger asks her to watch her six-year-old daughter in an airport and never returns, both their lives will be changed forever.

A little human in fairy wings and sparkly cowgirl boots will turn Loretta’s world upside down and maybe, just maybe, show her exactly what she’s missing.

Overflowing with humour and heartbreak, Nicola Gill takes us on a relatable journey of self-discovery through the power of a child’s love.

About The Author

Nicola Gill lives in London with her husband and two sons. At the age of five, when all of the other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers, she decided she wanted to be an author. Her ballet teacher was very relieved.

When she’s not at her desk, you can usually find Nicola reading, cooking up vast vats of food for friends and family or watching box sets. Occasionally she even leaves the house…

[Photo credit; Nicola Gill]

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