A cosy mystery full of dogs (and their humans?!) What’s not to love. Well. Actually, it could have been poorly done, over-done or not done enough, but this book was 100% perfect and Blake Mara has knocked it out of the (dog) park. It has a bit of everything with secrets, drama, dogs, humans, reality and mystery. There’s the right amount of intrigue to keep you reading and a whole lot of relateable moments especially if you are owned by a dog!

Do not skip the character map though, you definitely will be flicking back to the whose who to work out the pack, and I absolutely loved the introduction at the start!

“They’re the furry person who’s 100 per cent reliant on you, but loves you 1000 per cent. They share more than your home; they share your life. ”

About the Book

Murder is never just a walk in the park . . .

When friends Louise and Irina find a dead body in the local park whilst walking their dogs, they are soon drawn into the mystery of who murdered local entrepreneur Phil Creasey.

Phil used to be a member of their dog walking community – nicknamed The Pack – until the death of his cockapoo, and The Pack feel they owe it to Phil to investigate his death. With Louise and Irina leading the charge, they soon come up against local drug dealers, stolen cars and a disturbing incident of poisoned dog biscuits. Have The Pack bitten off more than they can chew, or can they follow their noses and solve the crime?

The Dog Park Detectives  is a joyous and fur-ociously entertaining murder mystery for fans of dogs and cosy crime, and the first in a pawfully exciting new series that is perfect for fans of Richard Osman and Robert Thorogood.  

About The Author

Blake Mara is a pseudonym of Mara Timon, author of Second World War thrillers City of Spies and Resistance. A native New Yorker who moved to the UK about twenty years ago, when Covid hit, she went cliché and got a pandemic puppy – a miniature dachshund with a massive personality.

Photo Credit: Blake Mara

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