This book was completely immersive and through her writing, Liz Moore really manages to convey atmosphere. Spanning 1951 to 1975, the book unravels secrets and mysteries from across different time periods whilst also cleverly and accurately bringing elements of those times in to each chapter as appropriate.

There are multiple themes, some touched upon briefly and some explored in depth, but somehow all given the attention and respect needed to weave into the book nicely.

Whilst there are secrets to unravel from the start, the book itself is a slow burn, and if that’s something that tests your patience then this isn’t for you – it’s a chunky read and requires time to unravel.

Brilliant, immersive, gritty and dark. Perfect for fans of Kimi Cunningham Grant, Ann Tyler and Ann Patchett.

About the Book

From the New York Times bestselling author of Long Bright River, an immersive, propulsive novel about a missing child whose disappearance sends equal shockwaves through three very different worlds—an opulent Adirondack summer estate, the rustic teen summer camp that operates in its shadow, and the blue-collar community that serves them both.

About The Author

Liz Moore is an American author. After a brief time as a musician in New York City, which inspired her first novel, The Words of Every Song, Moore shifted her focus to writing.

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