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I'm not really a Biography reader. In fact the last Biography (and I use the term loosely here) I read was Michael Palin's Full Circle, setting off on yet another one of his adventures to the Pacific published in 1997. Which is now over 20 years ago. So we're going back a while now. I think it's mainly because I have to have a really vested interest in the person or subject before even picking the book up. However, there is an author that I discovered around the millennium...
My thoughts… This is an illustrated Novella following the events that occur after both the His […]
I have decided that Penguins are my new favourite animal and in order to achieve this photo Mr Tea Leaves and Reads had to go into the loft in sub-zero temperatures and find my Penguin... it was worth it! So enough about the props and more about the book... here goes!