My thoughts… What a book to finish the end of the year on! This book is […]
Some of you may know me as Mr Tea Leaves & Reads, I usually do much […]
I’m so excited to share with you the first chapter of Good Girls Lie by J.T.Ellison! […]
Genre: Holiday/Christmas/Romance Published: August 22nd 2019 by Hodder and Stoughton My Thoughts… This was a beautiful […]
Lisa Stone is the author ‘Cathy Glass’ and the books published under that Pseudonym are probably […]
This book is a combination of history, nature and humanity. When those three things combine in […]
Flora Stanza has sub-let her London life in a bid to join the family antiques business. […]
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Please note – some spoiler alerts for ‘plot loopholes’ identified in the book! (Bottom of blog […]