Holly Hepburn is well known for her contemporary uplifting stories and this is her first step into the genre of cosy crime and mystery. And she steps well! Holly Hepburn fans will not be disappointed as everything that we know and love about Holly’s writing style is firmly present in The Missing Maid but with the bits that we adore in a cosy crime novel.

Harry is going to quickly become your new favourite main character – she’s strong, colourful and resourceful and goes against the predictive norms of a character of her background. The Baker Street Series (there will be more!) is going right up there on my cosy crime list to watch out for and I can’t wait to see what happens next for Sherlock’s assistant…

About the Book

London, 1932.

When Harriet White rebuffs the advances of her boss at the Baker Street building society where she works, she finds herself demoted to a new position… a very unusual position. Deep in the postal department beneath the bank, she is tasked with working her way through a mountain of correspondence addressed to Baker Street’s most famous resident: Mr Sherlock Holmes.

Seemingly undeterred by the fact that Sherlock Holmes doesn’t exist, letter after letter arrives, beseeching him to help solve mysteries, and Harry diligently replies to each writer with the same response: Mr Holmes has retired from detective work and now lives in Sussex, keeping bees.

Until one entreaty catches her eye. It’s from a village around five miles from Harry’s family estate, about a young woman who went to London to work as a domestic, then disappeared soon afterwards in strange circumstances. Intrigued, Harry decides, just this once, to take matters into her own hands.

And so, the case of the missing maid is opened…

About The Author

Holly Hepburn writes escapist, swoonsome fiction that sweeps her readers into idyllic locations, from her native Cornwall to the windswept beauty of Orkney. She is now turning her hand to cosy crime inspired by Sherlock Holmes himself. Holly lives in leafy Hertfordshire with her adorable partner in crime, Luna the Labrador.

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