I am fast becoming a fan of historical fiction with a twist or two and The Story Collector by Iris Costello definitely delivers. It has a bit of everything from romance to family drama, secrets to mystery and of course, that underlying history based upon real events. A perfect historical novel is one that has you itching to look up the events that it is based upon and I really appreciated Iris’s research efforts in bringing an entertaining and emotive story to the pages of this book.

This is the first of Iris’s books that I’ve read and certainly won’t be the last. I found her writing style very easy to enjoy and become immersed in. The way that she wrote the chapters (a little cliff hanger at the end of lots of them) whilst diving the book up into three periods of time and three perspectives, was great. The unravelling of the secrets was well-paced and as the stories came undone the knitting together of the three main characters tightened and everything ended brilliantly.

About the Book

London, 1915: Tarot reader Katerina is trying to hold her life together amid the wartime chaos. When she opens a bakery that offers divination alongside sweet treats, she is hailed as a beacon of hope. But Katerina is hiding a dark truth that could cost her everything.

Germany, 1918: A mute British soldier is taken to a prisoner of war camp where he meets Miriam, a researcher. She is drawn to his gentle manner and secretly vows to help him. But soon she will have to make an impossible will she save the one she loves, or herself?

Cornwall, Present Recently widowed Edie is astonished to discover a mysterious box hidden in the wall of her newly renovated cottage. As Edie starts to investigate, she uncovers a secret that has lain hidden for over a century…

The Story Collector tells the story of three people, divided by time and circumstance yet bound by a long-held secret.

About The Author

Iris Costello is the pseudonym of bestselling author, Nuala Ellwood. She has a BA Hons degree in Sociology from Durham University and a Master’s in Creative Writing from York St John University where she is a visiting lecturer.

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