My dearest daughter
This will be the last letter I write to you. I hope she will let you read this one. I hope she will let you ask questions and hear the story you need to hear. The story of you. And if she doesn’t I hope that one day you will get curious, wonder where you came from and come and find me.

I like this book because it promises to be about Julia and her journey as she uncovers secrets and finds out who she is, and so often those kind of books dissolve into hopeless female protagonists with hapless romances. This doesn’t happen here. There’s a hint of romance and that’s enough to keep things interesting but without deviating from the main story.

And what a story… Julia is the secret love child of famous artists, Bruce Baldwin. After his death she discovers this and finds out that he has left her a significant inheritance… Entwined with the colourful history of her mother’s romances and present love, this book follows Julia’s journey as she uncovers more about her than she thought she would ever find out. Family secrets, drama, hint of romance… what a perfect cosy read for the Autumn season.

And I saw on Goodreads that Rachel Burton has her next book coming ou in 2018 (a standalone) but hasn’t written off the idea of us revisting Julia and Edwin again….BEST NEWS EVER!

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