Harriet Evans you’ve done it again… Hooked. From start to finish and I really felt like I was there. She has a knack for painting the scene with finesse and ease, bringing the whole story to life. I always find Harriet Evans and Kate Morton to be similar (but both with totally different ideas!) and so if you like Morton’s works then this is definitely one for you.

Nina grew up not knowing but about her Father and his side of the family, that is until she starts to get some confusing clues from a stranger on the street… Evans handles timelines with ease in this book and there are two perspectives to jump between, Nina’s and her Grandmother’s (Teddy). There’s little room for confusion as Evans is clear on which narrator is talking at which moment, often something that authors are unable to master.

If you want to read about family, drama, secrets, dysfunctional relationships and more then this is definitely one for you and you’ll want to get to the bottom of it all in one sitting like I did!

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