I thought this book was amazing! The author immerses you in the USA, putting a small town English woman into the heart of a gritty, Floridian psychological thriller. I really felt for Samantha and could picture exactly the kind of scenery she was in when she chose to go to Florida to visit a man on death row who she had fallen in love with. It’s rare to find a book that explores ‘that’ relationship – one that so many of us fail to understand. I started the book thinking ‘WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS??’ And some point midway through, it just started to click into place and I could see the methodical monotonous way in which Samantha had been reeled in. The book explores Samantha’s relationship with her now husband once he is released from prison and we really and truly find out what happened ‘That Night.’ The innocent wife…? You decide…

Although I haven’t watched much of it yet, if you’re a fan of ‘Making of a murderer’ then this book will probably interest you. Similarly, if you read and enjoyed ‘The Girls’ by Emma Cline, this has the same gritty feel although is a different storyline.

Expected Publication: January 2018

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