I love these books! Holly Martin claims ‘Cosy’ and writes all of her books to either be full of cosy wintery warmth or summery sunshine and holiday feels! This is a cosy romance and if you’re not into the chick lit holiday reads then this isn’t for you but if you ARE then this most definitely is. I don’t think I’ve read any of Martin’s other works yet (and there’s an amazing list) so I’ll definitely be browsing her titles…

Freya and Rome work together and are best friends. But that’s it… until this Summer when Freya finds herself feeling more for Rome than ever before! But can he return the feelings? Does he even see her that way? This book is full of cute moments, happy moments, frustrating moments and ultime romance..

I don’t think reading these out of the order they are meant to be in hurts either (I got this one as it was a bargain 99p!) So don’t be afraid to dip in and out of Hope Island.

Winter is coming so check out Christmas At Mistletoe Cove.. and revisit some favourite characters!

If you want to keep track of Holly Martin’s work she’s right here on WordPress! Find her here..

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