Firstly, hello Kate Gray, we’ve been waiting for this! Ever since Katy/Kate announced that she would be releasing her debut thriller I have been (patiently) waiting. And it’s almost here! I was absolutely honoured to get an advanced copy – huge thanks to the publisher for that. You’ll want to clear your schedule for this one because it’s not a book you can tear yourself away from…

This is a fast-paced and twisted thriller, it’s intricate, the characters are flawed and deceiving, and the storyline is just perfect. It’s everything I expected, hoped for, and more. I love love love multiple point of view books, when they’re done well. I want to see, feel and read the difference between the main characters narration and emotions. I got that from the very first chapters of this book – Kate brought these characters to life amidst a background full of suspense and intrigue.

Although I adore Katy Colins contemporary fiction, I am firmly planting myself in the Kate Gray camp and demanding more please of this genre from her!

About the Book

Two happy couples.
One dead body.
A whole load of secrets.
Married life wasn’t meant to start like this.

On honeymoon in Bali, you hit it off with another newlywed couple and celebrate your last night at a fancy cliff-side restaurant.

No one predicted the evening would end with a dead body. But it was an accident, right? A tragic accident.

The honeymoon may be over but it soon becomes clear that there’s another side to this story . . . and your life depends on uncovering it.

Many marriages can survive anything – but when it starts on a lie is it really ’til death do us part?

About The Author

The Honeymoon is the debut psychological thriller from Kate Gray.

Kate is obsessed with who-dunnits, page-turner plot twists and novels that make you want to keep the light on.

She has previously published six commercial women’s fiction novels with HQ as Katy Colins.

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