The Deadly Echoes is book four in M J White’s gripping crime thriller series and is probably by far the best, which is not easy to achieve since books one to three were pretty epic. It can be read as a standalone but to enjoy the series fully I do suggest investing in all four books – plus they look fabulous on the bookshelves!

This has everything a brilliant crime thriller series needs – suspense, good characters, a familiar team and a strong setting. Throw in the added character of Cora Lael and her extremely unusual talent and you’ve got yourself something unique that you won’t be able to put down until you’ve finished reading.

We hit the ground running from the very first pages and a bloodied and terrified man staggers into the street from a boarded up building. From there the case unravels as DS Rob Minshull and the team try to work out what is seemingly impossible. There are multiple perspectives, a hint of main characters back stories and a complex case with the perfect amount of twists and red herrings.

About the Book

Four murder victims. One silent survivor. Can Cora hear the secrets he’s hiding?

When a terrified, bloodied man staggers from a boarded-up shop in broad daylight in the small Suffolk village of Evernam, police are called to the scene.

What they find inside the derelict building sends the community into four bodies, their throats savagely cut, arranged in a bizarre formation with objects surrounding them.

The survivor, Mark Lingham, insists that the deaths are his fault and is immediately arrested for murder. But police specialist Dr Cora Lael – a woman with the ability to sense emotional echoes from objects – hears a different story from the belongings placed around the bodies…

Working with DS Rob Minshull and the South Suffolk CID team, Cora is plunged into a deeply twisted case with more questions than answers.

With a rural community in disarray, a horrific murder scene that shocks even the hardened detectives of South Suffolk CID and a suspect suddenly changing his story, can Cora unravel the secrets and lies to track down a brutal killer?

A twisty, shocking and atmospheric detective novel that readers of Ann Cleeves and Elly Griffiths won’t be able to put down.

About The Author

MJ White is the pseudonym of bestselling author Miranda Dickinson, author of twelve books, including six Sunday Times bestsellers. Her books have been translated into ten languages, selling over a million copies worldwide. A long time lover of crime fiction, the Cora Lael Mysteries is her debut crime series.

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