Ah be still my beating heart – this book has everything. Publishing, writing, literary influencing, enemies to lovers, power-heavy parents, and respect for romantic fiction! Yes! Finally! If you don’t understand where romantic fiction lies in this world you absolutely will after reading this and not because Lindsey delivers a lecture or a preachy sort of educational novel, oh no, she does it with absolute class. The importance of romantic fiction is woven into every single line of this book, pretty much.

Just when we think that Lindsey Kelk could not get any better, she does everything we love AND she throws in the spice to finish it all off. There’s her trademark humour, it’s funny, it’s challenging, it has beautifully strong (here’s looking at you, Joe) main characters and there is SO much to talk about – so a perfect book club read too.

Those who have dared challenge Lindsey’s lack of spice in the past – you may now rejoice. This is probably her most tingly-est, spiciest, romantic novel yet. She is one of the queens of romantic fiction, without a doubt, but in this one she’s the queen of the implied and direct spice. There is a LOT of shenanigans. And she writes them so well! This truly is a love story.

About the Book

She’s a small-town schoolteacher.

He’s a hotshot marketing director.

Together, it’s hate at first sight.

Sophie Taylor has a secret and Joe Walsh thinks he knows it (all). He’s devilishly handsome, incredibly hot – and far too sure of himself.

Unfortunately, Sophie desperately needs his help. She has lost her laptop – and her sequel to the sensational, spicy romance that everybody’s talking about.

Because Sophie is not just hiding something small. She is Este Cox, the mysterious romance author the entire world is desperate to unmask.

When a trip to Sophie’s home town leads to the disgruntledpair sharing a one-bed cottage, it’s a short step to sharing a whole lot more besides… Can Sophie trust Joe with the truth – and be herself?

About The Author

Lindsey Kelk is a bestselling British author, journalist and formerly worked as a children’s book editor. She was initially signed up to a three-book deal by publishers HarperCollins following the submission of a manuscript for her first novel.

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