“A month ago I hadn’t even known that he existed and now I couldn’t imagine a day without him in it.”

One in a million

Grab a cup of tea and dive into this book – a lighthearted and warm romance about unlikely friendships.

Annie Higgins has given up on love as she works hard trying to get her business off the ground. Across the hall, an advertising agency pokes fun at her and her job and so Annie accepts their challenge to make a random strange Instagram-famous in just thirty days.

As my first introduction into Lindsey Kelk’s writing, this was a great start and I definitely want to read her other fourteen publications (to date!) It’s the kind of book that’s easy to read on holiday, on the beach, on a plane or curled up by the fire and yet there are so many underlying messages that make this anything but another chick lit read.

Told entirely from Annie’s perspective with a handful of likeable secondary characters added to the mix, this is an interesting and enjoyable read.

Website: http://www.lindseykelk.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LindseyKelk/
Twitter: @LindseyKelk
Instagram: @LindseyKelk

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