My lies your lies

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This book has me torn. I absolutely adore Susan Lewis’s books but this one fell really flat for me. However, the reason I’m torn is because the storyline was brilliant and really quite gripping but there were just a lot of elements of the writing style which had me quite frustrated.

So what was it that didn’t that push this into a five star read for me? I think honestly, it was the characters. I didn’t feel a connection between Joely and Callum – and I found Freda a frustrating and ‘flat’ character. I also found some inconsistencies – for example a laptop that was thrown at someone’s head was then used to read out someone’s story from – most laptops aren’t robust enough to survive that! It was little bits along the way that seemed a little lazy in terms of checking for continuity and so on.

As I said though, the storyline is really good. You’ll want to read to the end to uncover what happens and because it’s Susan Lewis I think a lot of people will stick with and still enjoy this book. Susan Lewis us such a great writer that I will always continue to read her books too!

About the book…

His life was destroyed by a lie.

Her life will be ruined by the truth.

Joely tells other people’s secrets for a living. As a ghost writer, she’s used to scandal – but this just might be her strangest assignment yet.

Freda has never told her story to anyone before. But now she’s ready to set the record straight and to right a wrong that’s haunted her for forty years.

Freda’s memoir begins with a 15-year-old girl falling madly in love with her teacher. It ends in a way Joely could never possibly have imagined.

As the story unravels, Joely is spun deeper into a world of secrets and lies. Delving further into Freda’s past, Joely’s sure she can uncover the truth… But does she want to?

Genre: Adult Fiction/Family Drama 

Publication: 20th February 2020

About the author…

Susan Lewis (born 10 August 1956) is a British author living in the west of England who has written 26 novels as well as an autobiographical memoir – Just One More Day (2006) with a follow up memoir One Day at a Time to be published November 2011.

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