You know when people say that the world stopped around them whilst they read a certain book? Everything became silent, muted noise. I was immersed in this book for hours and hours until that explosive conclusion. Jess Kitching has levelled up, even when we thought it wasn’t possible for her to top what she’s already written.

It’s August and I’m about ready to cement a book into my top reads of 2023 list. Fans of Jess’s writing will be absolutely delighted with her third book, which takes everything we love about her first two and somehow, makes it even better. Those new to her writing will read this and then absolutely have to go and seek out her debut and her second novel, you’re in for a treat.

Threaded through the pages of harrowing experiences, twisted crimes, buried secrets and sinister characters, is Jess. She puts herself in all of her books, more so in her debut and this one, and you can tell when an Author is using their own experience to write. There’s an extra level to the book that makes it more personal and so relatable.

Lucky Number 11 is a book that will speak to so many peoples traumas, but in way that doesn’t drag you back there. It’s fiction after all, but informed by reality. Many people will relate directly to the experiences discussed, many will relate to the essence of the book, the sense of injustice, the social commentary that Jess weaves through as she expertly navigates and captures the world we’re in now.

Lucky Number 11 is a combination of the best bits of Chris Carter and Daniel Cole’s writing, with the twisted hook of Freida McFadden’s style and then a whole lot of Jess Kitching added in to make it a perfectly pitched book that almost sits outside the parameters of any specific genre.

About the Book

When Hannah Allen was fourteen years old, she was abducted by an elusive serial killer, Peter Harris. Intended to be his eleventh victim, she was his only survivor.

Ten years later, therapy and friendship have helped Hannah overcome the trauma of her past.

But then a body is found. A body bearing eerily similar injuries to Peter’s victims, complete with the numerical brand he forced upon his captives.

Soon it becomes clear that somewhere, someone is continuing Peter’s work.

Somewhere, someone wants Hannah dead.

About The Author

Jess Kitching is a thriller author originally from Bradford, England. She currently lives in Sydney with her fiancé.

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