If you start reading this book and instantly think of ‘A man called Ove’ then you’re not the only one. But stick with it. Within a few pages it irons out into a whole world of its own and the only link is the slightly cantankerous elderly man finding his way through life following bereavement. Arthur is delightful and Phaedra Patrick crafts him out of the finest ingredients.

Bereaved and feeling a little lost in the great scheme of things, Arthur sets off on a journey to find out the stories behind each charm on a little bracelet that he finds amongst his late wife’s belongings. Arthur finds out some stunning things that rock the very ground that he walks upon and yet at the end of it all, Arthur’s message of true love is clear.

Probably one of the most interesting things about Phaedra’s writing style is that she’s strikingly inspired by the world around her. She was out shopping one day and saw the Life of Pi DVD being advertised, the face of Richard Parker staring at her as she passed the DVD aisle… and he seemed to say, ‘You don’t have a tiger in your book…’ So if you’re wondering where the curiosity and the randomness comes from, it’s Phaedra’s very own creative and utterly adorable mind inspired by life around her. Phaedra lets her imagination run wild with this book and I think you’ll join me in loving every moment of it.

If you enjoyed: Up!, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and A Man Called Ove then I think this book will be for you.

Discussion Point: What would be on your charm bracelet…and why?

The good news: Phaedra Patrick is already working on book two – she advises that it will be about a completely different character, but who knows if she’ll return to the antics of Arthur Pepper again in the future… Follow her updates for more information.

Date Published: 3rd May 2016

Published by: Mira – Mira Books is a book publishing imprint of Harlequin Enterprises that focuses on mainstream fiction. It was launched in 1994.

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