Gillian Harveys’ books are the ultimate treat for a long Sunny weekend of reading. They’re an escape and Gillian uses her knowledge of living in France as an English person, to build a location that you cannot help but want to relocate to!

Wonderful characters – I absolutely loved Nicky and Robert and their down-to-earth realism. I loved their back stories and how they emerged to be revealed and I loved the storyline too and why Nicky was in France.

The best part is Gillian’s delivery. Funny, witty, emotional, endearing… her books are everything and this one is no exception.

About the Book

Interior designer Nicky always used to know how to make the best of things. Ever since she lost her husband though, things haven’t been easy. She’s had to raise her two daughters alone and she’s so proud to see them all grown up, and she knows that’s down to her. But she can’t help but feel like she doesn’t know what to do with her life now…

But then her best friend begs her to help out. Jenny is a TV exec and her new renovation show is in peril. Only Nicky can help.

The catch – Nicky needs to fly to Provence… tomorrow. To renovate a tumbledown B&B. Jenny doesn’t mention the fact that the grumpy B&B owner Robert seems to need a makeover too. Or that the budget is next to nothing…

Will Nicky be able to turn the B&B’s fortunes around, save her friend’s job, and maybe even find some happiness for herself, under the blazing hot French sun this summer…?

About The Author

Gillian Harvey is a freelance journalist and author who has written for the Guardian, The Telegraph, the Independent and the New York Observer as well as lifestyle magazines including, Woman’s Weekly and People’s Friend. Gillian lives in Limousin, France with her husband and five children.

Photo by: Gillian Harvey

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