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This is the first time I’ve read a book by Stuart James and it certainly won’t be the last! So many people have recommended this author to me and I wish I’d picked up his books sooner. On the other hand at least having only just read the latest publication I know there are some earlier ones out there for me to get stuck into!

So, my thoughts on this Thriller… Firstly, how on earth does someone write so well that I actually feel a little bit sick at reading some of the descriptions?! Stuart is very graphic and descriptive and it really helps to…set the scene. The reader is transported to the moment, without, thank goodness, actually having to be there.

This is the sort of book that you won’t want to read whilst home alone. You definitely don’t want to read it whilst out driving country roads in the dark. And you absolutely won’t want to read it on a dark stormy night… Or maybe you will… In summary though, you HAVE to read this book. It’s creepy, twisted, complex and full of cliff-hangers and gripping scenes. It’s the best Thriller I’ve read in a very long time!

About the book…

A family trapped. A psychopath on the loose. Let the game begin…
What could be more innocent than going on a family holiday?

As a family drive along a quiet country lane on their way to the airport, they meet a stranger standing alone in the middle of the road.

Steering them along another path, he tells the driver, Ben, that a tree has fallen and there’s no way through.

But as they make their way along the diverted route, they come across a coach blocking the road.

Getting out of the car Ben goes to investigate and is horrified to find the passengers tied to their seats.

Then a discarded phone starts to ring…

If Ben calls the police, everyone on board will die.

Let the horrific game begin…

Genre: Thriller
Publication: October 2020

About the Author…

Stuart is the Author of world wide number one best-selling thriller ‘Turn The Other Way’ and International Book Award Winner for The House On Rectory Lane. Apartment Six was a number 1 new release for a month. Stranded is Stuart’s newest publication (October 2020). Stuart lives in Hertfordshire, is married and has two children. For over twenty years Stuart fronted his own band, singing, playing guitar and the tin whistle as well as writing his own songs.

You can find Stuart on Facebook lurking with his partner in podcast crime, (and another fantastic author) Keri Beevis. Join the group for some epic discussions! The weekly podcast that Stu and Keri create focuses on books, author interviews, reviews, news and all things spooky. Here is the latest episode.

Stuart is the author of the following books:

The House on Rectory Lane
Apartment Six

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