This book is everything. It’s contemporary fiction but a modern classic. It’s enchanting, perfect, and beautifully evocative. It’s emotional, moving, funny and both feel-good and heart-breaking. This book is a journey and we enter it on the fragile edges as both grief and coming-of-age collide.

Both the nostalgic elements (the music references are FABULOUS) and the storyline are at the top of Eva Rice’s writing game. Throw in fantastic characterisation and there is absolutely nothing to frustrate with this book. Everything is spot on perfect.

I think that if you’re a fan of Cecelia Ahern (in particular, In A Thousand Different Ways), Georgina Moore (The Garnett Girls), Afterwards (Charlotte Leonard), and anything by Eleanor Ray, Catherine Isaacs, and JoJo Moyes, then you will absolutely love this book.

THIS COULD BE EVERYTHING is a coming-of-age story with its roots under the pavements of a pre-Richard Curtis-era Notting Hill that has all but vanished. It’s about what happens when you start looking after something more important than you, and the hope a yellow bird can bring…

About the Book

From the author of ‘modern vintage classic’ The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets comes a feel-good nostalgic book-club novel about loss, hope and the powerful bond between sisters.

It’s 1990 and the streets of Notting Hill in London are filled with colour, life and the pulse of music from around the world. But behind the front door at 51 St Quentin Avenue, nineteen-year-old February Kingdom is Not OK. Her parents were killed at the King’s Cross fire two years ago, and her twin sister – beautiful, vibrant, lovable Diana – died in a car crash just six months ago.

Then, one evening in May, she finds an escaped canary called Yellow in her kitchen, and it sparks a glimmer of hope in her. When its owner, Theo who works in the pet shop down the road, gives Yellow to Feb to look after, and she starts to feel her way out of her own private darkness.

This is a story about being a sister when your sister is gone, of loss of overcoming grief, and of the bliss of first love. It’s also about what happens when you start looking after something more important than you, and of the hope a little yellow bird can bring…

About The Author

Eva Rice has written 5 novels and is the author of the Sunday Times bestseller The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets- a post-war coming-of-age story that was runner-up in the 2006 Richard and Judy Book of the Year. A 10th anniversary edition of the novel was published in 2015 with a foreword by Miranda Hart.

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