Living in Hampshire and knowing Burley, I was really excited to read about the area in this book! With a little of the true fascinating history of Burley’s famous whitch as well this was even better. That aside though, the storyline itself was fabulous. Twins Maisy and Duncan are sent to live with their Grandmother, who really doesn’t care about them very much. They explore the New Forest together until one day, Duncan disappears. The story unfolds as Maisy grows up, never giving up her search for her twin until one day…

Anymore would be a spoiler so you’ll have to read it yourself but I can promise you with it’s suspense and plot twists you won’t be disappointed. Mystery, Drama, family secrets and psychological undertones this is a great read. Thank you to Penguin for the opportunity to review this ahead of its release! (Photo Credit to Penguin!).

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