Oh. My. God. This book… I mean I was in love with Marian Keyes writing before now, I didn’t think you could BE anymore in love, but that’s what this book is about….right?

On the surface, Amy and Hugh appear happily coupled up, until he announces that he wants a break. Not a holiday for two, not a few days to himself…Hugh wants six months. SIX MONTHS. And surely if Hugh is on a break…then Amy should be too? Right?

What would you do if you’re weren’t afraid about what other people think? Amy asks herself this at the start and we follow her journey as she figures out exactly what she would do with a huge chaotic Irish family in the background to throw moments in along the way.

This is the book that just kept on giving. Whilst Hugh is on his break, Amy’s life speeds up into the fast lane and there are twists, turns, trials and tribulations as she navigates her way through everyday life. It’s funny. It’s more than funny, it’s HILARIOUS. At times it’s downright sad but Keyes has that balance that just makes everything work out okay. Oh and Amy’s mother is just the best character… honestly, she will have you in stitches. Those Vlogs need to happen in real life Keyes – what better promo for your book!

If you want to know more about the book and hear it from the author herself, check out her video here. If you fancy having a signed copy of the book which is available from Waterstones then check this out! There are just three more days until publication so either pre-order now or get yourself to a bookshop on the 7th September 2017 and buy! It’s only ten pound from Waterstones right now!

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