The silent wife


I didn’t want this book to end! It was completely enthralling and there were lies upon lies to uncover and secrets to unearth. It was a truly brilliant read – which I devoured by Audiobook and this made it quite harrowing at times as well. Welcome to the Farinelli family – living close together in Brighton with Italian roots, the family is made up of fiery characters, second wives, children, husbands, mothers-in-law… There’s a domineering Italian Mama overseeing everything and Lara and Maggie, the ‘second wives’ of her sons – trying to keep afloat.

This is a story about trust, confidences and family. Ultimately, would you keep their secrets?

Kerry Fisher will be LIVE at the Fiction Cafe Book Club this coming weekend. Pop over to the group, be sure to answer the membership questions and request to join to get more information.



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