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I read this in ‘staves’ via the Pigeonhole app – which actually made the book much more enjoyable! As well as seeing the comments from others, I was also restricted in how much I could read each day – but additionally motivated to read each day because a new stave was delivered. It’s an interesting way of reading!

There wasn’t quite enough Christmas in this book – for one that had such a festive cover and title! It was halfway through before Christmas was even really mentioned – and the only bits about the party that were remotely festive were the tree and some snow… That being said though, take away the fact that I was expecting festivity – it was a cosy, romantic read and perfect for the ‘Winter’ season at least.

With evocative, well-paced prose – this book will transport you to the rugged coasts of Ireland on the coldest days, to the most deepest family secrets.

The Christmas Party is a delicious, page-turning story of romance, family and secrets, by the Sunday Times bestselling author Karen Swan.

When Declan Lorne, the last remaining knight in Ireland, dies suddenly, an ancient title passes with him. But his estate on Ireland’s rugged south-west coast is left to his three daughters. The two eldest, Ottie and Pip, inherit in line with expectations, but to everyone’s surprise – and dismay – it is the errant baby of the family, Willow, who gets the castle.

Why her? Something unknown – something terrible – made her turn her back on her family three years earlier, escaping to Dublin and vowing never to return. So when Willow quickly announces she is selling up, her revenge seems sweet and the once-close sisters are pushed to breaking point: in desperation, Pip risks everything to secure her own future, and Ottie makes a decision that will ruin lives. It’s each woman for herself.


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