christmas at the edge

It’s that time of year again… Halloween is over, Christmas is creeping up on us and the desire to break out the festive reads is ever increasing! This is a great book to kick off the season and is heartwarming and romantic – a story about love, healing and family. The descriptions of the beautiful Orkney Islands are just stunning and although a very bleak time of year, their beauty is still conveyed through the authors words. Scotland, Christmas, an Outlander reference… what more do you need?

Many thanks to Kate Hewitt for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

When Laurel West discovers her estranged sister Abby has checked herself into rehab and wants her to take care of her fourteen-year-old son, she doesn’t hesitate to step in. Abby was there for Laurel a long time ago, and she longs to be able to offer the same. However, as a single woman who still dreams of the fairy tale, Laurel isn’t prepared for teenaged Zac’s sullen moods or silent rage. When he’s expelled from school, she decides to take drastic measures and temporarily relocate them to her great aunt’s cottage on the windswept hills of the Orkney islands north of Scotland… about as far as she can run from their problems, but will it be far enough?

Christmas at the edge of the world is available on Amazon Kindle for £1.99

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