This is the ‘follow’ up book to Adam Kay’s ‘This is Going to Hurt’ – a book which my other half bought me right when I was due to start going through an organisational restructure in adult social care. Back then, the book got me through. This time he bought me the follow up as a celebratory book for me finishing University (social work) and in a time of budget cuts and care shortages, this book definitely made me feel better about my career path. I will reiterate – these books need to be on the table in waiting rooms in surgeries and hospitals across the country. I might make it happen, strategically placing them. Because they can be dipped in and out of – and whatever happens you’re unlikely to be reading it if you’ve just had your penis de-gloved* so the books are bound to make you feel better about yourself.

This book is, in equal measures, hilarious, distressing, terrifying and honest. The terrifying part comes in when you realise this is real. These anecdotes are the back-bone of our healthcare system in the UK. Frightful.

Four stars for me because it wasn’t *as* funny as the first book – and it was a lot shorter. I wanted more! Does that make me awful?

*tiny spoiler alert? You decide.

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