The Perfect Couple

Could she do it? Could Hilderbrand pull off a murder mystery… .The answer is YES! Basically this book has everything that makes Elin Hilderbrand’s books amazing – sun, sea, romance, drama, secrets, beautiful backdrops, glorious settings and more. This time it also had the suspense! Plus there were the subtle and more involved nods to previous characters which just brought Nantucket home again.

The Otis-Winbury Wedding promises to be one to remember, it’s rumoured to have cost more than $100,000 – maybe even $200,000 – so what’s going to happen now that the maid of honour has wound up dead on the beach?! We flit back and forward from the present investigation to the months leading up to the big day throughout this book and I love the back story.

For me it was frustrating as about halfway through I thought I realised ‘who did it’ and the story line wasn’t getting anywhere near close. But do we actually find out who did it…? I have my theories… This promised to be one of the best reads for the beach this year and does not disappoint!


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