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The best part of having more time to review lately is discovering authors that I haven’t read before and knowing that this isn’t their first novel! My book wishlist is growing considerably. Cass Green is no exception and she is firmly up there joinining my favourite psychological thriller writers. I’ve added to the list a lot in the past week and have read some fantastic novels.

When I started to read this I found myself frustrated at not knowing how the stories tied together. We meet Anya and Elliot in the present day – happily married – trying for a baby. Then we meet Irene – her son, Liam, went missing in 2003 and her other son, Michael, hasn’t been heard from in the past few weeks. Then there’s Liam and we read about his history back in 2003 as we learn his story. THEN there’s also something else going on – another back story running alongside all of the above. The frustration I felt though was down to the clever writing of the author and around halfway through things start to tie together. Dramatically.

Secrets within marriage and families are explored and unravelled – loyalties are challenged and the storyline is actually quite addictive. The author really challenges you to think about what exactly you would do in this same situation… and where your loyalties would lie.

The Killer Inside is published on the 5th September on Kindle and will be available early October in print.

About the Author

Cass Green is the pseudonym of Caroline Green – an award-winning author of fiction for young people. She can be found on Facebook and on Twitter.

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