wilde women

Meet Robin Wilde: mum, newly-appointed official girlfriend, make-up artist extraordinaire and general plate-spinning, life-juggling, balance-seeking badass. Or so she likes to think…

This is the third book in the ‘Robin Wilde’ series – and supposedly the last although I’m reluctant to accept that! You can read it as a stand alone book but why deprive yourself? Get stuck in to the first two and then come back to this one when you’re all caught up. That’s what I did and I loved this series so much…

Louise Pentland is a master at crafting her characters and ensuring that you are the reader, are fully invested. Robin is a completely likable and loveable character and if you follow Louise on social media you’ll see the similarities between her and her main protagonist! There are underlying lessons and reminders throughout all the chapters as well as a great storyline and other not so main characters that are also completely lovable.

HOWEVER I didn’t like the marketing arrangements for this book – if you bought the book from Asda (I think) then you got bonus content and an alternative ending. So I’ve read comments about ‘that ending’ all over social media but not entirely sure what all the fuss was about because the ending in mine just seemed quite natural and fitting. I feel if you’ve written a book, everybody should be able to access the same version – I’m definitely not going to buy two different copies just so I can read two different versions of the ending. For this reason as well – my rating dropped (eek) to three stars. Rant over!


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