The family louise jensen

Laura is devastated when her husband dies, leaving her and their almost grown-up daughter, Tilly, alone. When the insurance company refuses to pay out, Laura is in danger of losing the house and has no choice but to seek help from elsewhere.

Louise Jensen is fast becoming one of my favourite psychological thriller writers. Just when you think it’s not possible to squeeze anymore twists into one book…she surprises you. It’s done with style and expertise as well – Louise carefully works every little twist and surprise into her books ensuring that any loopholes are closed. You’re definitely not left asking….’But what happened to….?’

I read in the authors notes that this idea came to Louise when she decided to explore what would happen if you put two vulnerable people into an even more delicate situation enveloped in an environment that was out of the ordinary. We’ve had the ‘cult’ books before. I’m pretty sure there have been plenty. So an even bigger challenge for Louise was to create a book that was unique and didn’t have you comparing it to something else. She achieved that times a hundred!

Grief in this book is raw and very much real. Laura and Tilly have to navigate a very different world than they could ever imagine, whilst at the same time experiencing hostility from those that they had expected would offer a shelter. This book puts you in Laura’s shoes instantly and forces you to consider… what would you do?



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