I usually really don’t like a book of short stories. If I’m buying a book (I did get this one as a gift at Christmas), then I want it full of ONE story. That being said this was a cute read. Katie Fforde is an excellent writer but I wouldn’t say that you should take this book as the standard of the rest of hers, I’ve definitely given more stars than this before for her works. (Okay, 3.5 for A Summer at Sea, I really need to read more of Fforde!).

The Christmas Stocking and other stories is the second collection of festive themed short stories from Katie Fforde following on from publication of A Christmas Feast back in 2014. This new collection features six stories only two of which have been published before or featured in magazines. There are some references to previous characters that Fforde has written about before, I only know this from reading reviews, it doesn’t mean you have to have read her other books but it may make you more inclined to afterwards, just to find out what happens! That’s the only criticism really, these stories were too short and therefore it felt that their happy endings were very rushed.

Nevertheless, one for the Christmas 2018 collection I think!

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