‘She hasn’t told you, has she?’ He squeezed his eyes shut. She watched the muscles of […]
Coming September 2018! This chilling read tells the story of uni friends Abi and Mel who […]
Essie Phillips wrote a ranting email about her boss.. who also happens to be her future […]
The thing that struck me most about Isaac’s book is that it felt like real life. […]
This book… this author…. wow… Louise Jensen NEVER disappoints and her writing (hard to believe it […]
I’ve reviewed the books that I’ve read for quite a few years now, but it wasn’t […]
I usually really don’t like a book of short stories. If I’m buying a book (I […]
‘You know that feeling? When you want something so badly, you almost feel you’d kill for […]
This is apparently number 2 in the Summer Seaside Kitchen – but fear not! You can […]
This book needs to be a movie. I want to watch this book come to life… […]