The sister louise jensen

Louise Jensen is amazing. I’m not just saying that because her fourth book is being published this summer and I reallllllly want a copy… she is amazing. This isn’t a series but the style is similar, as are the covers, they definitely stand out on the shelves in bookshops. Check out my review of The Surrogate, which I read before this one… and I’m pleading and stealing to get a copy of The Gift so that I can read that one too.

The Sister begins in the present where twenty-five year old Grace Matthews is digging up an old time capsule that her and her best friend Charlie buried ten years before. Grace and Charlie were childhood friends but as we find out quite early on, Charlie is no longer on the scene and Grace is still dealing with her death. The story alternates between ‘Then’ and ‘Now’ – something which I love and hate in equal measures because I just WANT to know what’s going on. This book is twisty, turny, upside downy and more. You won’t want to stop reading, you have been warned.

Exciting news! Louise Jensen’s latest book – The Date – will be published this Summer! NetGalley…I’m just saying… I’ll have this one read in a day too if you let me review it… 😉

The Date louise jensen


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