When Rosie Rankin’s best friend has an affair with her husband, the consequences reverberate down through the lives of two families…

I was so pleased to get a copy of this book courtesy of NetGalley! It was near the top of my ‘To Read’ list after reading ‘The Good Girl.’ This book deals with contemporary modern families with ease, climbing the peaks and descending the slopes of the ups and downs of marriage, siblings, friendships, affairs and identity. Whilst also being hilarious – at the right moments! Nick’s narrative particularly when talking about or to Gregorio for instance was just amusing and gave the right dose of hilarity right when it was needed.  Equally, at just the right moments there was room for touching narrative…

“I still carry the internal rhythms of Rosie’s life…”

I feel there’s scope for more as well – please…can we have more!? This book is another bargain on Amazon right now at just £1.99.

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