I only just found out when writing my review, that this is number two in the series! It really doesn’t matter though, you can delve in wherever and it will still make sense – love books like that. Ellie Matthews has come to Wychwood-on-Lea to find a new start for her and her daughter Abby. But, life there doesn’t start out as idyllic as she had hoped…My only criticism is the ending…but if there’s more to come then maybe we’ll see the characters again in another book by Hewitt. The ending felt rushed after the slow steady pace of the book and it seemed a bit abrupt. Maybe I just didn’t want to let go!

Quintessentially English – muddy walks, farting dogs, tea at the manor house, chilly evenings, holidays to Cornwall… perfect! If you want a good dose of English and an easy read then this is the book for you. This is definitely a cosy read.

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