This is the second in the ‘Beach House’ series by Mary Alice Monroe. Five years have passed since the first book ‘The Beach House’ and the characters have moved on signficantly.  Check out my review for book one here. Some much loved characters are back in this book – Cara, Brett, Emmeline and Flo as well as Toy and Little Lovie. I love Mary Alice Monroe’s books because there’s a gentle combination of nature, history, deep South, friendships, family and romance. You learn but also, you’re transported to some amazing places.

The next book in the series is ‘Beach House Memories’ although there is some dispute that book three is actually book two and they should be the other way around. Beach House Memories goes back slightly in time to just before Miss Lovie (the elder one) dies. She recalls her past and her romances. I’m not sure if I’ll read this because I want to know more about the main characters rather than go backwards but we shall see!


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