This book was published in 2015 and has been on my ‘To Read’ list for quite some time! I decided to pop it in my ‘Thirty Books – Thirtieth Year’ reading list and found the perfect time to finish it. Autumn is here so it was the perfect opportunity to dive into a bit of Summer by visiting Nantucket through the words of Nancy Thayer.

Turning simple plots into something intricate and beautiful with scenery that will make you booking the next flight – these are Nancy Thayer’s talents and in The Guest Cottage this is no exception.

My only criticism was that I wasn’t invested at all in Sophie and her husbands relationship. Spoiler – neither were they apparently! But from the start it was very abrupt and there wasn’t any build up – nothing to give you their history together and it felt like she was making excuses for falling for someone else by saying that really she never married for love in the beginning anyway. You can’t fit everything into a novel though and this aside, the book was beautiful and the characters great.



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