The fact that it only took me a couple of days in the busy Christmas period to steam through this book is testimony to how awesome it is… I cannot believe I’ve not read anything by Giovanna Fletcher before! I was delighted to find this signed edition under the Christmas tree this year. I’ll definitely be delving into her other publications too. If this is the last book that I read in 2017 then I’ve finished the book challenge this year with a fantastic choice. So, what’s it about?

Love experienced, love lost and possibly finding love again – but without all the corny bits. Girl meets boy, early on in college years, girl dedicates ten years of her life to boy, boy gets down on one knee and….crushes girls dreams. It’s your typical fairytale gone wrong and yet everything about this book is unique, uplifting and different. There are the funny bits, the cringe-worthy bits, the romantic bits and the genuine ‘I can totally relate’ bits. In the middle of all of those great things that make this book work like a dream, there’s the underlying message too. Whether you’re in that decade old relationship, whether you’re newly single or have been for years, this book is for you. It’ll remind you that as the years go by, people change us, sometimes for the better – we’ll never truly know who we could have been if those people hadn’t influenced us in their own different ways – but it doesn’t matter.

This book is about loving life whilst also loving yourself and that is a powerful message that Fletcher has conveyed through a fantastic read.

Bring on 2018 and many more of Giovanna Fletcher’s books!

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