I have been waiting so long for the latest Roy Grace instalment and it’s finally here! If the reviews are anything to go by so far, I am with many other fans in not being disappointed by this book! I have also followed Peter James on Facebook for some years so see his little snippets, hints and research journeys that go into making a book so it feels all the more amazing to know what effort went into every word. Peter James carefully ensures the accuracy of all of his books, meaning that you are given a pretty up to date insight into the current workings of the Constabulary ( in Brighton at least) which is fascinating. The new equipment, processes, cutback effects….everything is covered but within a pretty gripping read.

This is the 13th book in the series (unlucky for some) but definitely not for Peter James as he once again hits the nail squarely on the head with twists, turns, red herrings and more. Throughout the first twelve books we have followed the back story of Roy Grace’s life and this continues in the thirteenth book with perhaps one of the most interesting storylines as we meet Roy Grace’s son, Bruno, for the first time. (Actually, so does Roy Grace…but read the book to find out more about that!) We see the dynamics of his family change as with his fairly new wife and baby son, he juggles bringing in a bereaved stranger to his home. Something’s going to happen there…but not in book thirteen! James writes with such suspense and intrigue that I couldn’t help but feel that Grace was going to come home one day and find Cleo (wife) hacked to death by Bruno (newly found son). SORRY. It’s just habit. But no that doesn’t happen…

So what is this book about?  Perhaps for the first time, we see how a rogue officer can impact the whole of his team and an investigation. We see how crumbling lives can be perceived as something they are absolutely not and we (in my opinion) find Grace in his toughest position yet. Senior role, good friends, yet having to keep himself in check and take those he counts as friends to task over their actions. Things are really getting personal in ‘Need you dead.’

Grace is investigating the death of Lorna Belling, known to the police force due to previous domestic violence incidents involving her husband. The prime suspect? Her husband himself. But this is not meant to be an easy task as he soon finds himself lying in the mortuary inches from his dead wife… There are multiple suspects in this case and lots of evidence to unearth. Perhaps most frustratingly is that James gives the reader insight where Grace does not have it – and therefore we know a little more all along. But that can’t be helped… To finish it all off, James throws a little cliffhanger in at the end…promising that there is scope and room for Roy Grace #14.

The important bits: You can pick this book up now, having read none of the previous books, and you’ll be find. But don’t! I urge you to start at number one – Dead Simple – and work your way up. You won’t regret it!

Published by: Macmillan Publishers Ltd – an international publishing company owned by Holtzbrinck Publishing Group. One of the largest general book publishers in the UK.

Available at: Some supermarkets e.g Tesco are selling this book for an extremely low price. If you are on an Island (Isle of Wight) you won’t find it there though, it seems the literature is minimal! Try Waterstones who are doing this as a new offer for £5 off – keep your local bookstores going where possible!!

Connect with the author: Follow Peter James on Facebook for more updates and great insights into the way he writes.

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