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I had high expectations for this book given that Alice Feeney’s first book had such fantastic reviews. However they weren’t lived up to and I was left feeling completely confused, disappointed and a little disgusted. Don’t get me wrong, I read all sorts of books with lots of twisted and dark storylines – but this one was so poorly written and unravelled in such a disappointing way that I couldn’t feel anything by the end except that I had completely wasted my time.

Apparently this book is the ‘brilliant tale of two stories…’ It’s not a tale though, it’s not brilliant, and it’s just one story flitting from past to present day. In fact, even the synposis on Goodreads is written really poorly that I’m not going to do my usual and copy some snippets. Sorry! Basically, Aimee’s husband goes missing and she’s a prime suspect…all is not as it seems. (Never is, but there we go…)

Alice Feeney has written a very complex plot. So complex in fact, that I think she twisted herself up in knots and left many loopholes and questioning lines. If all of the ‘heard them before’ metaphors were taken out of the book I’m pretty sure you’d be left with something half the size. I only kept reading until the end to find out exactly what had happened and how Alice Feeney wraps it all up neatly. Spoiler alert – she doesn’t.



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