Esther and Archie are new literary favourites (I’m sure I say this EVERY time when I’ve read a Miranda Dickinson publication). Starting off Winter reading with an advanced copy of this book was such a treat.

This is a gentle romance, a nod to traditional love letters and the beauty of the written word, and woven within the pages is the complexity of family relationships, romantic relationships, and the importance of just loving and understanding yourself too. There is a brilliant host of characters (The Old Guys are FANTASTIC!), and this is a book that I cannot wait to hear narrated in Audiobook version too, because I just know that the words on these pages are meant to be spoken out loud and why stop there… this would be the perfect romantic comedy on the big screen!

All MY Love Proof
About the Book

Sometimes love can be staring you in the face… and you don’t even know it

By day, Archie works tirelessly as assistant to the editor of a local newspaper.

By night, Esther works after hours cleaning the rows of office desks with the help of her trusty sidekick, Fred the trolley.

Their paths have never crossed, until one discarded Post-it note unexpectedly brings them together.

Because they share one thing in common… they’re both secretly in love with someone else.

And they might just be the two people who can help each other find the courage to confess their feelings and write the perfect love letter.

But what if they’re falling for the wrong person?

About The Author

Miranda Dickinson is a Sunday Times Bestselling novelist. Her first novel, Fairytale of New York was discovered on and went on to sell over 108,000 copies, become a bestseller in Germany and Turkey and was nominated for the RNA Novel of the Year award 2010. Miranda Dickinson has always had a head full of stories. Coming from a creative family where stories and songs were always present, it was perhaps inevitable that she would end up adoring words. A songwriter for over 15 years, Miranda has successfully penned over thirty songs, delivering both live and recorded performances in a range of venues across the UK and Europe.
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All My Love will be our March 2023 book club choice and you can get your hands on a uniquely signed copy. Just visit this link for more information.

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