who killed ruby

The opening scene of Camilla Way’s latest book is explosive. There’s a man lying on the floor – he’s covered in blood – and the killer tells you that this is the man that killed Ruby. So that answers that then – Who killed Ruby? Obviously…the man lying on the floor covered in blood. Never has a book title been resolved so quickly and suddenly before. Or has it. That is what I absolutely love about this book – I had questions the minute I finished the first few pages. Who is Ruby? Why is she dead? Who killed her? Who killed this man? Who are they…? Who? Who? Who… dynamic and intriguing, I wanted to know more, and that is when Camilla Way hooked me.

That is the sign of a good book. The other sign? As the book progressed I completely forgot that opening scene. Why? Because so much was going on! So much was happening – my attention was instantly diverted elsewhere so that when the book made it’s natural progression back to those opening scenes it was like a sudden shock…my gosh yes… this…this…and this…It all makes sense now!

Camilla Way was a brand new author to me – but don’t you just love it when you discover a new author and they have a great back-stock of books just waiting to be read. I do. Can’t wait to dive in.


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