Huge thanks to Linh Le James for sending me a copy of her latest book in exchange for an honest review! So here goes…what can I say about #Toots?  You basically have to read it to understand, but it’s hilarious, brilliant and amazing… all in one book!

LONDON: Four sisters swipe left on everything they hate in their life, one cocktail at a time…

In #Toots we meet Louise – dreaming of an exotic lifestyle a million miles from Hackney, Jess – juggling work and two babies… Carla – who goes ona bender and wakes up next to her young assistant…and Emily – getting over her cheating ex… This book explores sisterhood amongst a chaotic world for all four siblings – and does so with humour, emotion and finesse.

It’s not often you can find a book that gives you a cocktail recipe in each chapter… amazing! This is more than just sisterhood – this book covers the bond of best friendship as well. A hilarious, stunning read.



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