I was so excited to get a copy of this courtesy of NetGalley and RandomHouse… I absolutely love Lisa Jewell’s style and her books never cease to grip my attention. This one was finished within around two days with time allowed for actual work and sleep…Then she was gone is every parents nightmare and trust me, there’s no happy ending for this one. But the way in which Jewell gets you to the ending, the truth, and uncovers every little horrific twist and turn is just fascinating. You will be hooked as much as the main character is, Laurel, in trying to find the truth. My only tiny little criticism is I wanted to know more at the end in terms of the police investigation, whether any was prosecuted and what was the outcome… but that’s just the Criminologist in me! 
Ten years ago, Laurel’s fifteen year old daughter went to the library and never came home again. Some said she ran away, a body was never found…until now. We join Laurel in her quest for the truth whilst also learning of how she has coped for the past ten years. We learn more about her other family members, her marriage, her loves and losses and I personally found my heart aching for every stone she unturned once she realised all was not as it seemed. This is partly a family drama and partly a thriller, with a twisted hint of romance thrown into the mix. 

Expected Publication: 27th July 2017 (NOT soon enough!) 

Fun facts: Lisa Jewell started her first novel in 1996…for a BET! That certainly paid off. Check out her other titles particularly ‘The house we grew up in!’ 

If you enjoyed: I think that Lisa Jewell has a fantastic style, chilling, psychological, thrilling. If you enjoyed her writing then you’ll love anything by Sophie Hannah. 

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