the possible world

How she sounds; her voice brisk in the mornings, telling me to get a move on, softer in the evenings, and when she laughs I think of a brown velvet ribbon falling through the air.

Another book that I’ve pulled from the depths of my NetGalley ‘to be read pile…’ Most definitely was not disappointed! I think it also is starting to show that my New Years Resolution was to get that pile of books down from 86 to..well… 6! This is the first book that I’ve read by Liese O’Halloran Schwarz and I knew nothing about her as an author or the book when I first started reading.

The way she smells. In the morning like hand cream and shampoo. She brings a different smell home with her from the hospital.

The book touched me so much that I started writing my review before I had finished – so that I could really capture those bits that made me fall in love with Liese’s writing. You can absolutely tell that Liese loves her job – both her former training at medical school – and her writing. The Possible World is as accurate as it could possibly be with lots of knowledge poured into often very emotive scenes.

There are three main characters that narate throughout the book – and once you meet them – well – you’ll be attached that’s for sure. Lucy is the emergency room doctor, Clare is in a nursing home about to turn one hundred years old and there is a young boy who has just witnessed a multiple homicide. We see the world through everybody’s eyes in equal measures, and each time it’s both heart breaking and beautiful. As their lives weave together everything you thought was impossible is instantly challenged.

If you’re a parent, an A & E Doctor, a trauma nurse, a surgeon, a carer in a nursing home, a teacher…if you’re anyone, this book will speak to you and will teach you things about people that until now you never stopped to consider. Be ready to look at the world from very different points of views and be ready to have your own challenged.

I don’t say this often about books – but this book is more than words could ever describe in a simple review…so… read it.

If you’ve read and enjoyed this book and the ideas that it explores, you may well enjoy “The Forgetting Time” by Sharon Guskin.

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