A gentle, feel-good, contemporary novel about second (and maybe even third) chances, friendship, family, relationships and the magical power of books. I absolutely adored the idea of the Memory Library, and the books that were brought up throughout too. There are firm literary roots growing through every chapter and that was just lovely.

It’s an easy read with an underlying air of mystery, you may or may not unravel it before the reveal, but it’s a gentle one and it doesn’t detract from this being predominantly a contemporary read. There’s a light romance, some complicated themes but touched upon lightly enough to keep this enjoyable and not heavy. Brilliant characters (aside from ‘Meh’ point below!) delightful community spirit and of course, literary connections.

My only ‘meh’ thing about this book? Ella’s character. Usually I’m completely supportive of characters that as a reader, we love to hate. After all, real life traits in books rather than picture-perfect-sugar-coated lives is really important. But there was just something about Ella that I never really got over and I think it was her tendency to play the ‘If I were queen of the world’ game. It wasn’t endearing and just served to remind me as a reader of her self-centred approach to life. She, as a character, is just about tolerable. However, the relationship that blossoms between her and * other characters * saves the day.

About the Book

For forty-two years, Sally Harrison has been building a library.

Each year, on her daughter’s birthday, she adds a new book to her shelves – with a note in the front dedicated to her own greatest work.

But Ella – Sally’s only child – fled to Australia twenty-two years ago after a heated exchange, and never looked back. And though Sally still dutifully adds a new paperback to the shelves every time the clock strikes midnight on July 11th, her hopes of her daughter ever thumbing through the pages are starting to dwindle.

Then disaster strikes and Ella is forced to return to the home she once knew.

She is soon to discover that when one chapter ends, another will soon follow…

All you have to do is turn the page…

About The Author

Kate Storey is the pen-name of Author, Lisa Timoney. Lisa started her career teaching English and Drama, and when she had her family, combined all three to write novels about family drama. Originally from Yorkshire, she now lives in a London suburb with her husband and two teenage daughters, so expects there’s plenty more drama to come.

[Photo Credit; Lisa Timoney]

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